All Saints in the Old Colony

January 5 – January 28

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By Julianne Homokay

After emigrating to South Boston from Ireland, Kiernan’s family fell apart following the birth of his baby sister. Kiernan sacrificed his own life to raise his three younger brothers and give them a shot at a life outside the Old Colony projects, yet somehow, the brothers are not all that grateful. The reasons why come out when an estranged brother returns home to stage an intervention on Kiernan. All Saints in the Old Colony is a winner of the 2016 NewWorks@TheWorks Playwriting competition.

Adult Language and Adult Situations


Kiernan– Greg Boller
Ronan– John Maness
Mickey– Marques Brown
Fiona– Erin Shelton


Director: Jeff Posson
Production Manager: William Gibbons-Brown
Stage Manager: Rachel Crenshaw
Scenic Designer: Mary Atchley
Costume Designer:  Waverly Strickland 
Sound Mixer and Designer: Carter McHann 
Lighting Designer: Justin Gibson
Properties Master: Aubanita Kirk 
Technical Director/Master Electrician:  Phillip Hughen