General Information

We are often asked about the way we run auditions here at Playhouse on the Square. The following is a general summary, but please keep in mind that:

  • We post all of our open auditions in the Playbook, which can be found in Friday’s Commercial Appeal.
  • At the auditions, you may be asked to read from the script. Sometimes, scripts are available for checkout prior to the auditions. Many times, you will be able to find it at the public library.
  • You may be required to prepare a monologue.
  • You may be asked to sing if auditioning for a musical. In this case, you should have 16 bars of a song prepared. You will also need to bring sheet music. Sheet music can be found at almost any music store or at the public library.
  • There may be minor choreography involved. Please dress comfortably so that you are able to move freely.
  • It is a good idea to bring a headshot and resume if you have one. If not, a recent photo will help us remember your face.
  • You will fill out an audition sheet upon your arrival. We will need basic information about you such as what type of experience or training you have had, and your contact information in case you are called back or chosen for a role.
  • Most of our auditions are open to everyone regardless of their experience.

For more information, contact Courtney Oliver at (901) 725-0776 or


*Accepting Video Auditions for INK*

 WHEN:  Please submit your video by Sunday June 28th by 8pm.

 CASTING:  16 Actors Total; 12 Male and 4 Female, Ages 21 and Up.  Details below.

3 Male actors for leading roles; Ages early 30s – late 50s.   1 Female actor for leading role, Age 20s, of British/Indian decent.   9 Male Supporting Actors; 3 Female Supporting Actors; Ages 21 and Up.  **All ethnicities welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Specific dialects are required for many of these roles, some are noted below.  Actors will be asked to audition with these dialects.

Character Breakdown:

Larry Lamb 40s, Yorkshire – new editor of the Sun

Rupert Murdoch 30s, Australian – owner of the Sun

Hugh Cudlipp 50s, Welsh – editor of the Mirror

Stephanie Rahn 20s, London – British and Indian decent; model.

An ensemble of 12 needed to play supporting characters as well as a team of Reporters and other occupants of The Street.  9 Male; 3 Female; Ages 21 and Up.  Standard British dialects requested.

*ALL roles are currently available, though some may be filled by members of our Resident and Associate Company members.


WHAT TO PREPARE:  Those interested in submitting, please email Courtney Oliver at for copies of sides.  Once sides and an audition form have been sent to you, please prepare to submit a video reading from the script.  Off-camera scene partners are welcome and encouraged if possible – please do not have on-camera scene partners so that we are not confusing anyone’s individual audition.  Details about what to provide on camera will be included with the sides and audition form that will be emailed to you.  **All readings should be done with a dialect. Unless specified in the cast breakdown, Standard British will be fine for other characters. 


INK is directed by Chicago Guest Artist Warner Crocker (Junk).  INK is scheduled to run at The Circuit Playhouse August 21 – September 6.  The status of COVID-19 is being closely followed and updates will be given about whether or not this production will be streamed and/or performed live in front of an audience, though those auditioning should be aware that Circuit Playhouse, Inc. is currently planning on rehearsing and performing this play LIVE as a fully realized production, as opposed to an online or radio platform. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin Tuesday July 21.