With so much pain and suffering evident in our community and nationwide, Playhouse on the Square stands in solidarity with those who denounce racism and violence. In order for our country to live up to its highest ideals, we, as a community, must acknowledge the unjust suffering of black and brown Americans and take a stand to demand equal justice, under the law, for all Americans and work toward that end.

We stand in solidarity with those who embrace equity, non-violence, and the advancement of policy and ideas. As an organization whose mission is built on the concept of speaking to the diversity, intelligence, and soul of the Memphis community, whose core values include a commitment to inclusion and diversity in our work, artists, staff, audience, and leadership, Playhouse on the Square sees and acknowledges the black community of Memphis, Shelby County, and the Mid-South.

We embrace our community and initiate efforts to make it a better place. We stand for the fair treatment of all in our community and the necessary reforms to ensure their protection under the law.

We recognize that much work must be done in order to accomplish the changes our society so urgently needs, and we recognize that Playhouse on the Square has a role to play in that change.

As a community of artists, we acknowledge the power art possesses. Our hearts ache, and we grieve, but we vow to help create an atmosphere of change, and continue to advocate for a community, a city, a state, and nation that embraces all its people.

Art will take a stand. Art will challenge.
Art will inspire. Art will heal.