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Register by using the form at the bottom of this page. Registrations may also be emailed to jeff@playhouseonthesquare.org or mailed to Theatre School, c/o Playhouse on the Square, 66 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN 38104.

Playhouse on the Square’s Theatre School Youth Classes are designed to provide a fun and challenging experience for both the beginner and the experienced performer. Taught by local theatre professionals, our classes give students the opportunity to develop and expand their performance skills, including character development, movement, and voice. This Spring session spans eight weeks, which includes seven weeks of classwork/rehearsal, and an informal showcase performance for family and friends the eighth week.



No audition is required to register.

Spring 2017
Saturdays starting March 18, 2017
Weekday classes starting the week of March 20, 2017
Spring Theatre School Showcase: May 6, 2017
 Classes are at Playhouse on the Square, 66 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN, 38104.



Story Theatre: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – $120
Saturdays, 9:00am – 10:00am
“You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” Take a journey through the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss. Young students will work together to create a magical, imaginary world while at the same time learning the basics of beginning performance. “So get on your way!”

Sing and Dance: Be Our Guest – $120 – SOLD OUT
Saturdays, 10:05am – 11:05am
Spring is breaking and you’re invited to our celebration! Whether it’s a late dinner in an enchanted castle or a tea party in a strange forest grove, we are always excited to welcome company with a song and some dancing! This class introduces to the world of musical theatre in a safe, supportive environment.

Story Theatre: The Mischievians – $120
Wednesdays, 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Do you ever wonder who causes all the chaos the affects the life of children? Well wonder no more! From lost homework to crayon drawings on clean walls, meet the alien race responsible for all the antics and pranks you blame on your children! This class is an excellent way to introduce your child to wild and weird characters.


Music: 1960’s Revue – $120
Saturdays, 9:00am – 10:00am
The Golden Age of Musicals ended in 1959, but that doesn’t mean that Broadway produced any less inspired works. Playhouse’s Theatre School continues it’s journey through the world of musical theatre as our students learn about and sing some of the finest pieces from the 1960’s. A time when the country and the theatre world changed forever.

Build-a-Play: Tales of the Olympians – $120 – SOLD OUT
Saturdays, 10:05am – 11:05am
Journey to a time of myth and legend, when mythical gods roamed the world and heroes embarked on epic adventures! Using the world of mythical Greece as a backdrop, students will conceive, create and perform their own play. What adventures await on the shores of Ancient Greece? Let your imagination decide!

Dance: Learn to Tap – $120
Saturdays, 11:10am-12:10pm
Time to tap your day away. This class will introduce young students to this classic American dance form and give them skills they can take into any musical auditions or when they just feel like tapping the blues away. Tap your feet and feel the rhythm!


Dance: Intro to Tap Dance – $120
Saturdays, 9:00am – 10:00am
Ask any musical director what they always need more of and the answer will be universal: TAP DANCERS! And it is never too late to learn this fun, energetic and entertaining style that helped define the American musical. This class is an introductory course for students with little to no previous tap experience.

Musical Theatre: Audition Workshop – $120
Saturdays, 10:05am – 11:05am
The ultimate musical theatre prep class! Students will learn about performing in a musical while preparing a musical theatre audition package that showcases their abilities and talent. Never be afraid of a singing audition again!

Intro to Acting – $120
Saturdays, 11:10am – 12:10pm
Anyone wishing to begin a career on the stage must work from the foundations of the trade in order to excel. This class is designed to explore and develop the actor’s tools. Students will use training and exercises to bring their performances to life.

Afternoon Acting Workshop – $150
Saturdays, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Introducing the first class in our Saturday afternoon series! Students will focus on scenes and monologues meant to prepare them for future auditions and performances both here in Memphis and beyond. Grow as an actor in a fun and supportive environment.


All listed prices cover the full session.

Students taking multiple courses (or multiple students from one household) receive $25 off each course.

For any additional information contact Jeff Posson, Assistant Director of Theatre Education at:

jeff@playhouseonthesquare.org  or call (901) 728-5631.

Youth Theatre School Spring 2017 Registration

After submitting this form, you should receive a confirmation email from Jeff Posson, program director, within 7 business days. This form does not automatically process credit card payments.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Posson at jeff@playhouseonthesquare.org or 901-937-6475.



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