Playhouse on the Square Rental Policies

Concerning spaces and rental hours:
  1.  Playhouse on the Square rents its spaces by the hour.  You can rent a 5-hour, 8-hour, or 12-hour block in any space.  Your set-up time, breakdown time, and event time must take place within that block.
  2. Additional spaces can be added to your rental at a reduced cost.  This cost remains the same regardless of the number of hours of your rental.  In the event that your additional space is more expensive than your main space, the cost of the more expensive space will always serve as your base price.  The time block in an added space must run concurrent with your main space.  The reduced extra cost for each space is:
    1. Rooftop Terrace:  $1,000
    2. Theatre Cafe:  $750
    3. Theatre Penthouse:  $650
    4. Event Room:  $650
    5. POTS Main Lobby:  $600
  3. If you rent tables and/or chairs from us, we’ll set them up for you in the space before your time block begins.  Items rented from an outside group (party rental company, etc.) must be set-up and broken down within your time block.  If you need to have items delivered or picked up on a date other than your event day, please clear said deliveries and pick-ups with us at least a month in advance and a storage space will be arranged for you if it’s available.  All items must be returned to the storage space at the end of your event time if they are to be picked up on another day.
  4. Playhouse on the Square rental spaces are meant for private invitation-only events.  Charging admission for an event is strictly prohibited except for non-profit fundraisers and performances.
  5. There is an additional fee for any time in the building after 2:00 AM.
Concerning food and alcohol:
  1.  You can use any catering service you like, as long as we are provided with their license and proof of liability insurance.  Please have your caterer contact us with that information.  If you wish to use a non-licensed caterer or bring food in yourself, you may do so but you’ll be required to sign a separate liability waiver releasing Playhouse on the Square of all responsibility in the feeding of your guests.
  2. You can have your caterer supply alcohol and beer for your event or you can hire a bartender from us to open up our cash bar (we do not sell beer).  If you personally would like to supply alcohol or beer to your guests or allow your guests to BYOB, you must sign a separate liability waiver releasing Playhouse on the Square of all responsibility.  Private individuals cannot sell drinks to their guests.  Non-profit organizations may do so but are required to obtain a special occasion permit.
Concerning weddings:
  1.  A rehearsal on the day before your event can be booked for an additional $300 (for up to three hours), provided that the space is available.  Please book a rehearsal early to ensure its availability.  If you wish, you can also hold a rehearsal within your allotted hours on the day of your event.
  2. Always check with your wedding planner to see how many hours they’ll need for set-up and breakdown.  Please make sure they’re aware of how much time they will have available.
  1.  Playhouse on the Square must approve any decorations, props, and other property which you intend to use on our premises.  The use of confetti or glitter is prohibited.  Votive candles may be used on table surfaces provided that they are kept in enclosed glass containers (open at the top) and do not rest on tablecloths.  Decorations may not be taped or tacked to any wall surface.  Sticky tack may be used, though.
  2. Please remember that Playhouse on the Square is a live theatre company.  And as such, we usually have rehearsals or performances occurring during rentals.  It is our goal to make sure that rehearsals or performances do not interfere with rentals but sometimes things happen outside of our control.  Such disruptions can be loud noises from surrounding areas or even actors in costume walking through areas of the building.  We will try to warn you ahead of time if such occurrences may happen during your event.