Lord of the Flies

March 3 – March 26, 2017
Playhouse on the Square





By William Golding
Adapted for the Stage by Nigel Williams

After a devastating plane crash, an ordinary group of schoolboys finds itself marooned on an island. At first, it seems as though it’s all going to be great fun, but before long, the fun becomes furious, and life on the island turns into a nightmare of panic and death. As ordinary standards of behavior collapse, the world the boys know collapses with them—the world of cricket, homework, and adventure stories—and another world is revealed: one that is both primitive and terrible.

Sponsored By: 1910 Frameworks

Playhouse Advisory: Adult Situations


Ralph – Stuart Rial
Jack – Jacob Wingfield
Piggy – Reece Berry
Simon – Sean Moore
Roger – Kaleb Babb
Sam – Ty Kirk
Eric – Carson Scott
Maurice – Cooper Clack
Henry – Isaac Middleton
Bill – James Vessel
Perceval – Kai Otsuki
Naval Officer – Gregory Boller

Production Team:

Director – Jordan Nichols
Scenic Designer – Bryce Cutler
Lighting Designer – John Horan
Sound Designer – Carter McHann
Costume DesignerLindsay Schmeling
Technical Director – Phillip Hughen
Production Stage Manager – Katharine Hughen
Stage Manager/Props – Gabby D’arcangelo