Other People’s Happiness

January 6 – January 29, 2017

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By Adam Seidel

On a weekend trip to the family cabin, Sara tells John that after 30 years of marriage, she is leaving him for a much younger man. Her decision leaves her entire family in chaos, causing the audience to ask the question, “When you give up your happiness for everyone else, what is your breaking point?” Other People’s Happiness is a play about blind devotion, failed expectations, the redefining of family, and the enduring nature of love. Other People’s Happiness is a winner of the 2015 NewWorks@TheWorks Playwriting competition. 


John – Gordon Ginsberg
Sara – Jeanna Juleson
Fran – Jacquelyn Skoog Hayner
Joel – Standrew Parker

Production Team:

Director – Leah Bray Nichols
Producer – Jordan Nichols
Stage Manager/Props – Caitlin Matthews
Lighting Designer – Mandy Heath
Scenic Designer – Jackie Nichols
Assistant Scenic Designer – Mary Atchley
Sound Designer – Carter McHann
Costume Designer – Kelsey Townsend
Technical Director – Phillip Hughen
Assistant Technical Director – Abbi Wiggins

Playhouse Advisory: Adult Situations & Adult Language