You’re invited to Playhouse on the Square to help us celebrate our 49th Birthday!

Fellas grab your Dolls and join us for Playhouse on the Square’s 49th Birthday entitled “Speakeasy on the Square.” A Prohibition-era fundraising cabaret with cocktails, games, and more! $50 smackers gets you all the giggle water, food, and entertainment you desire, Jackson!

Now that you know your onions, call the box office at (901) 726-4656 or click here for tickets and the secret password.

For the bluenoses stuck in Squaresville, if you just can’t take another fundraising event, you can “no-go” for $75.00! Get all the fanfare in the comfort of your home. We will even take song requests to be performed in your honor.

A sockdollager like this only comes once in a lifetime. Get your tickets today!

What’s a birthday party without presents? We’re registered on


To find our registry:
1) Go to “Lists”
2) Scroll down to “Find a List or Registry”
3) Type in “Playhouse on the Square”
4) Click on desired items and enter your credit card, easy as pie!

Additional Wish-List Items Include:

  • Home Depot Gift Cards (yes…we go to Home Depot every day!)
  • Michael’s Craft Store Gift Cards
  • Mainstage Gift Certificate (located at 2665 Broad Avenue, and yes…we go there every week!)
  • Apple Store Gift Cards (we need to go there more often!)
  • Old iphones (that still work but are not connected to a network)

For the Costume Shop:

  • We need to get our sewing machines serviced, – donation for “saving our sewing machines”
  • Gutterman Mara Thread Spools, Black, White, and Taupe (
    For more details on any of the costume items, please contract Resident Costume Designer Kathie Kovarik  at 937-6465

For the Lighting Department:

  • 2 New Followspots for The Circuit Playhouse
  • Portable Dimmer Packs
  • LED Lighting Fixtures, Source 4 Luster 2
    For more details on any of the lighting items, please contact Resident Lighting Designer John Horan at 937-6470

For the Stage Management Department:

For the Sound Department:

  • Yamaha QL5 Sound Console
  • 6×6 Portable Vocal/Drum Booth (
    For more details on any of the sound equipment, please contact Resident Sound Designer Carter McHann at 937-6494