Is the Streaming Series part of the 52nd Season?

Yes. Due to the unique circumstances of this past season, and to preserve our mission of providing the Mid-South with performances that speak to the intelligence, the soul, and the imagination of the Memphis community, we have decided to recognize all the digital events of the last year as our 52nd season; a season we can look back on with pride and remember the hard work and perseverance of our staff, artist, designers, and teachers.

What platform will be used to stream the shows?

Playhouse on the Square is excited to present our streaming productions through the platform ShowTix4U – a video hosting site similar to YouTube. You will only be able to access our streaming shows by visiting the ShowTix link provided in your confirmation email and entering your unique access code.

Can I watch the stream of my show on multiple devices?

No. ShowTix4U does not allow viewing on multiple devices. If you would like to watch the stream of your show on multiple devices, you must purchase an additional ticket with a different unique access code for each device.

When will my streaming access code expire?

Playhouse on the Square works with many publishing houses who determine the length of time a streaming show can be available. Because the length of time may vary per streaming production, we recommend viewing the stream before midnight on the date of your selected performance.

Can I watch the show on my television?

Potentially, yes. Due to the fact that there are countless combinations of computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, browsers, routers, modems, and internet service providers people might have, Playhouse is not able to provide specific technical troubleshooting for our streaming series. We have, however, prepared a general guide below to help ensure your viewing experience goes smoothly, which includes information on how to watch on your TV.

How much are streaming tickets, and where can I purchase them online?

Streaming tickets are $25 and a can be purchased on Playhouse’s ShowTix4U home page! [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE STREAMING TICKETS]

Can I use my current subscription to view the streaming shows?

Yes, but please note: at this time, there is no option to redeem subscription tickets online through ShowTix4U. If you are a current season subscriber, simply call the box office at (901) 726-4656 (Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM / Sunday, 1PM-5PM) and we’ll be delighted to take care of your order!

Will there be captioning available for streaming shows?

Yes! More information coming soon!




Due to the fact that there are countless combinations of computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, browsers, routers, modems, and internet service providers people might have, Playhouse is not able to provide specific technical troubleshooting for our streaming series. We have, however, prepared this general guide to help ensure your viewing experience goes smoothly.


PART ONE: Accessing the Video on Demand

STEP 1: Click on the performance link provide in your confirmation email. The link will take you to the video’s page on ShowTix4U, the site we are using to host it.

STEP 2: Enter the provided password as listed in your confirmation email. For accuracy, we recommend you copy and paste it from the email.

PART TWO: Viewing Instructions and Helpful Tips

STEP 1: Make sure your device’s volume is up and not muted.

STEP 2: Click the “play” button on the video (it’s towards the bottom of the video, and looks like a sideways triangle).


If you are interested in watching the video on your smart TV, you may be able to do so depending on the model and age of your television by following the guides below. The suggestions below will ONLY work if you have first pulled the video up on your computer, tablet, or smartphone using the instructions in the previous section.


The most basic and reliable computer-to-TV connection consists of running an HDMI cable from a computer or laptop to the HDMI input on your TV. Computers have many different inputs on them. Inputs vary depending on the brand, model, and age of your device. Whether you might need any kind of adapter to run an HDMI cable from your computer to your TV will depend on your specific computer and your specific TV. If you’re not sure, check your computer’s manual and your TV’s manual, or Google the model of your computer and/or TV to determine the specifics. Here is a helpful article on the basics of connecting a computer to a TV with an HDMI cable:


The information provided below are guides to help you “screen mirror” from your computer, tablet, or smartphone to a Smart TV. Please determine your best option based on the brand of computer, tablet, or smartphone and the brand of Smart TV you own.


“The video is playing, but I cannot hear any sound.”

  • Please click the “volume” icon inside the video player to select your preferred level of volume and/or make sure it is not set to mute.
  • Please ensure that the video does not say “mute” anywhere on the screen.
  • Also confirm that the device from which you are viewing the video is not on mute, and that the device’s volume is not turned down.

“I am experiencing a lot of buffering.”

  • Close any unnecessary applications on your device. Multiple apps running can slow down the video performance and monopolize the bandwidth.
  • Turn off any downloads that might be occurring in the background of your device. Background downloads can saturate a user’s internet connection. Make sure your computer isn’t downloading any updates, and close any open windows with streaming services like Netflix and YouTube loaded.
  • Check to see if anyone else using the same internet connection is downloading or streaming. If someone else on the same network is performing any of the actions listed in the previous point, then it can cause buffering. It’s also worth checking your smart phone/devices to see if they’re downloading any updates.
  • Check to see if the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has any network issues. Some ISPs have issues with congestion during peak video streaming hours, usually in the evenings.
  • Clear the Cache and Cookies in your device’s browser. Your browser stores recently visited websites (or portions of it such as images and videos) in a temporary file called a cache. If refreshing your browser didn’t work, then forcing the browser to clear its cache is the next step.
  • Reboot your device. This helps to clear the browser cache and re-establish a connection with the streaming service.
  • Update your device’s browser. Best video performance is attained by using the most recent version of your web browser software.
  • Reboot your modem and router. Sometimes these devices can lock up, resulting in slow or non-existent internet throughput. Simply unplug each device, wait approximately one minute, then reconnect the power. Within a minute or two they should be back online again.