There are many great options for parking at Overton Square. One of the easiest and most convenient is the Overton Square Parking Garage located at 2100 Monroe Avenue. 

Not only is the garage safe and centrally located to every major attraction in Overton Square but it only costs $3, regardless of how long you leave your car. 

There are two very easy options for payment once you park your car. Option is to download the Parkmobile app onto your smartphone. Use it to store your license plate number and the name of the parking garage to quickly and easily pay for your parking spot. The Parkmobile app ads .35 cents to your flat rate parking fee. 

Your other easy pay option is to snap a photo of your license plate or write it down and then go to one of the machines located on the first floor and pay by cash, coin, or card. 

Parking couldn’t be easier at the new Overton Square Parking Garage!