aplusparkinglogoPlayhouse on the Square is proud to partner with A+ Parking Services to provide valet parking services for all performances at Playhouse on the Square! 

Valet services can be reserved upon your arrival to Playhouse on the Square or by clicking HERE and visiting the A+Parking website. 



We’ve been getting lots of questions about our new valet parking services. Check out our FAQ below! 


  • Is valet service mandatory if you would like to park your car in the Playhouse on the Square parking lot?
Valet service is 100% optional and is occupying 0 spaces on the POTS property. Only the first 4 rows of the POTS lot are POTS property.  The spaces in the first 4 rows are FREE and FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. 
The 2 rows adjacent to the Exchange Club Family Center belong to their organization, which is fortunately growing with the addition of new and expanded services for those in our community.  They have had blue signs signifying that their spaces were not for patrons other than those using the services of the exchange club.
A+ Parking has contracted with private property owners inside your block to add over 40 additional  parking spaces not previously permissible for use by POTS and its patrons. 
  • What are the perks of having/using a valet service when you come to see a show at Playhouse on the Square?

A+ Parking valet rate includes the fee charged by the private property owners for the additional spaces, full specialty insurance premiums, and professionally trained drivers to ensure safety, honesty, and extreme care for valet vehicles. 

Those who valet may arrive just before showtime and be the first to depart.  It is our mutual goal to provide alternatives to crossing Union and Cooper on foot for SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, and added assistance for those with special requirements.  All Patrons of POTS are invited to drop off/pick up passengers in the valet area.  Valets will also be directing Uber/Lyft and other shared ride drivers to ensure safety on the POTS property. 

During the performance, A+ Valets are on hand in all adjacent parking areas to closely monitor the vehicles and area to deter any suspicious activity and notify authorities when necessary. 

  • If I would like to make a suggestion to A+, how do I get in touch with them? 

We encourage anyone to provide feedback regarding the new valet service via the Client Services Form online at www.ParkAPlus.com.  Everyone’s opinion and insight are valuable to creating a successful arrival and departure experience!

Parking Map: 

Playhouseparkingmap copy